Acura Service Tips: Different Types of Fuel

February 8th, 2021 by

Fuel pump at Petrol Station.

Routine Acura service is the best way to keep your new or pre-owned Acura vehicle running for years to come. Here at Hubler Acura, we’re here to give your vehicle expert inspections and maintenance, so you can stay informed and prepared for all of your service needs.

A little bit of service goes a long way, and information on parts, fuel types, and more can help you and your vehicle on every ride.   

Fuel Types

The right type of fuel can make your vehicle more efficient, reduce your impact on the environment, improve your vehicle’s responsiveness, and more. Here are some of the main types of fuel and how to pick the right type for your vehicle: 

Gasoline. There are three main types of gasoline to consider for your Acura vehicle: regular, middle grade, and premium. The rating indicates the pressure at which the fuel combusts. Higher ratings are more stable and better for performance or luxury vehicles, while regular gasoline is appropriate for many vehicles on the road.   

Diesel. Diesel fuel is usually used in larger vehicles, rather than new Acura cars. It’s used in trucks, buses, and trailers, and while it can be more efficient than other fuel types, it can also produce more smog as well. 

Biodiesel. Biodiesel is one of the newest fuel types rising in popularity. It is an alternative energy fuel source that is made of organic matter such as vegetables, and it is currently not commonly used in many production vehicles.   

Explore Your Service Options at Hubler Acura 

For more information on fuel types and service that will keep your vehicle running right, make Hubler Acura service your first stop. We only use OEM parts when working on your car, and it’s easy to schedule an appointment right here on our website. Don’t forget to check out our rolling offers on cars, parts, and services! 

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